One-on-one Pilates Sessions

Vail’s Best Equipped Pilates Studio

In a private Pilates session you experience a series of physical movements tailored to fit your level and your body’s specific needs. The 55-minute session with an instructor allows for a whole body experience, focusing on breath, flexibility, strength, and full body awareness.

Scheduling a one-on-one session with a certified Pilates instructor offers you the following benefits:

  • Build a program tailored to your wants 
  • Better body awareness
  • Receive cues based on your personal needs 
  • Schedule and accountability 
  • Faster progression with Pilates techniques
  • Better able to recover from injury
  • Better use of the equipment
  • An improved technique

A one-on-one Pilates is 50 minutes. We are now offering one-on-one O44 Method sessions!

Who Can Benefit From A Private Pilates Session?

We believe each Pilates student – from beginner to expert levels – benefits from spending time individually with an instructor providing feedback on your movement and awareness. 

We strongly encourage a private Pilates session for people needing special consideration for back pain, scoliosis, shoulder issues, women pre and post natal, or people who experience chronic pain and/or fibromyalgia.

Please contact us for more details and to schedule. 

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