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We are your go-to studio where you can feel at home and supported. Synergy offers full-body health in a safe, bright, well equipped environment with knowledgeable instructors and a varied class schedule.


Utilizing our beautiful and diverse collection of Balanced Body Pilates equipment, this full-body Pilates workout increases strength and flexibility, particularly for the back and abdomen, while improving posture, balance and muscle control. The average Pilates group class size is 8 students, 9 maximum. Guaranteed personal attention. All levels welcome. Equipment utilized includes Pilates reformers, Cadillacs/towers, Exo chairs, Arcs, and OPTP foam rollers.

Prior Pilates equipment experience is strongly encouraged for Pilates Group Equipment classes. Ask us for more details. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Wear socks. 50 minutes.

Pilates Group Equipment Classes (price per person)  Package Price
Single Class $34 each
1 year Membership, Unlimited Classes $225 / month
30 Days Unlimited Classes $275
5 Pilates Group Equipment Classes – $30.40 ea $152
10 Pilates Group Equipment Classes – $25.50 ea $255
20 Pilates Group Equipment Classes – $23.60 ea $472

**All passes purchased may apply to Pilates Group Equipment Classes and O44 Method Classes.  O44 Method class passes do not apply to Pilates Group Equipment Classes**

SPECIAL OFFER $15 First Class

Group Classes (price per person)  Package Price
Single Class $15 each
4 Classes – $14.50 ea $58
10 Classes – $12 ea $120
1 year Membership, Unlimited Classes $210 / month

**All Pilates Group Equipment Classes may be applied to O44 Method Classes**


Synergy is the very first O44 Method Affiliate studio in the USA!

O44 Method is a results-driven, revolutionary strength & conditioning workout which utilizes our innovative O44 Resistance Wall and Plyobox. These are high-intensity, low-impact athletic workouts comprised of large and small range of motion exercises met with heavier resistance and cardio insets. In addition to tubing from the O44 Wall and Plyobox, resistance is integrated via kettlebells, hand weights, ankle weights, medicine balls, and hip bands. Each O44 class is musically driven, with flow and concludes with breathwork and a meditation.

No prior experience is needed for O44 Method classes.  Reservations are strongly encouraged.  Wear your sneakers.  55 minutes.

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